In the Summer of 2010 I was one of many lucky people who had the opportunity to take a short trip to Haiti. I fell almost instantly in love and just can't keep myself away. I've spent about 11 months in Haiti since the first time I went two and a half years ago and my time there isn't over. I'm exploring my options on where to take my life from here but it WILL include Haiti in one form or another. This is where I record stories and thoughts about my experiences.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I made it here alive people! I surprised myself and didn't ever get way nervous or freak myself out at any point during my journey here. I had a good first day too. I am not TOO exhausted like I usually am on the first day. The ride from the airport was so quick and I got to ride in an air conditioned car. What?? Gotta love that. A little after I arrived we had a wonderful meal from the cook who always makes the food for the kids. It was delicious. She made beans and rice AND chicken for everyone! The kids seem happy, healthy, well fed and LOVED. I spent the day trying to remember kids names and getting to know them. It rained really hard and all the kids when outside and played in it. It was sweet to see them laughing and having fun together.

Hopefully I will get to go to sleep soonish because I am pretty sleepy. The kids go to bed here around 7 and that is when I will probably be sleeping too. I hope this video loads because it's a pretty cute one of the kids playing in the rain.

Bye for now!

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