In the Summer of 2010 I was one of many lucky people who had the opportunity to take a short trip to Haiti. I fell almost instantly in love and just can't keep myself away. I've spent about 11 months in Haiti since the first time I went two and a half years ago and my time there isn't over. I'm exploring my options on where to take my life from here but it WILL include Haiti in one form or another. This is where I record stories and thoughts about my experiences.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome babies

I'm convinced that these babies are the strongest babies in the world. If we have the correct information, they were born on September 10th. That means they're not even two months old yet. The other day one of the babies rolled over! They're not supposed to do that for like another month or something! That's exciting. To me at least.

Today was a good day. The kids are warming up to me I think. Some of them are very sensitive and seem like they don't like me that much. Katie says it's in my head. But the kids that we school at home get mad at me for silly reasons. Sue talked about how kids in Haiti do not like their teachers. She thinks they're just trying to figure things out. It's hard because in the morning I need to be their teacher and in charge. In the afternoons I get to be silly and their friend. It must be confusing for them. But things are getting better and I'm getting more and more hugs and kisses. I went around to say goodnight to all the kids tonight and most of them came back for extra hugs and kisses before I had to make them get into bed. It was nice.

Two days ago I was carrying a basin full of water out to the back to dump it and I was barefoot. As I was walking I must have disrupted an ant metropolis because my feet started burning because I was being eaten alive. Now I probably have one billion ant bites on my feet. Lesson learned. 

I'm excited tomorrow is Saturday. Then Sunday, my favorite day because I get ice cream.

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  1. Oh, Becca. You sure know how to make a mom worry.