In the Summer of 2010 I was one of many lucky people who had the opportunity to take a short trip to Haiti. I fell almost instantly in love and just can't keep myself away. I've spent about 11 months in Haiti since the first time I went two and a half years ago and my time there isn't over. I'm exploring my options on where to take my life from here but it WILL include Haiti in one form or another. This is where I record stories and thoughts about my experiences.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I cut all the boys hair today. Not my boys, but all the older boys. They look so handsome and baldy. I love hair cut day.

For the past two days all the older kids have been working on sewing purses that Katie started with them. Mislanda finished hers but the rest of the kids aren't done yet.

A while ago Bebej had the mumps. Now Mislanda has it. It's not as bad as one would think it would be though. They're uncomfortable but still able to play.

Noah had another round of his skin condition, whatever it is. I still think he's allergic to something but can't figure it out. It started up again when I was in La Gonave. I'm giving him some anti allergen medication and putting cream on him. He's starting to look a whole lot better today. He's such a good sport and is never cranky because of it. He had a really high fever today but I'm hoping it's because his second tooth is just about to pop through.

I'm very excited and nervous because the people adopting the twins are coming to visit! I can't wait to finally meet them. I think it will really help me grasp the fact that they're not mine. I also think it will be comforting to know a little more about what they're life will be like once they get to the U.S. I am so thankful that I will be here for their first visit to see the boys. It will be amazing.

I'm really torn about leaving Haiti. It's really making me sad and stressed. I miss home and will be so thankful to see my friends and family. But I don't know how I'm going to make the transition. I picture myself shutting myself up in my room for a week and just crying. Maybe I will supprise myself like when I first came here. I thought I'd be bawling my eyes out on the airplane here but I  wasn't. I was strangely calm. Maybe going home I will surprise myself again. Maybe not.. I am sort of questioning whether or not leaving Haiti is what God wants me to do. This is so hard.

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