In the Summer of 2010 I was one of many lucky people who had the opportunity to take a short trip to Haiti. I fell almost instantly in love and just can't keep myself away. I've spent about 11 months in Haiti since the first time I went two and a half years ago and my time there isn't over. I'm exploring my options on where to take my life from here but it WILL include Haiti in one form or another. This is where I record stories and thoughts about my experiences.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a chico kind of day

Left to right: Francesca, Dianna, Scheelanda, Bebej, Betchina, Mislanda, Juliette, and in the front is Samantha)
I LOVE these big smiles I get every day!

They love each other

Baby got his hair done. But he was mad and said he doesn't want to look like a girl.

Chico/styrofoam with cheese. Yum.
Life's been good here. The boys are getting HUGE and doing really well. School has been going surprisingly well. It's been a challenge to give attention to each of the five kids in different grades and at completely different ability levels but I'm getting it done. Usually I have a baby in my arms as well. It's a challenge but it's good for me and testing my patience. I've been trying to make an effort to get out and play and dance with the kids more too. One of the girls told me the other day that she likes it when other American's come to visit because they play more than I do. That made me really sad. I have to be in the house watching the babies most of the time though. I think the kids see me as wanting to be inside rather than playing with them and that is not the case. Therefore, I'm making an effort to go play whenever I can. I hope it will improve my relationship with all the kids. It's hard to balance the teacher/playmate/big sister aspect of being here. It's an interesting combo!

My friend Tom from Extollo arrived in Haiti the other day for some work and he came to visit me. He also came bearing gifts! Amy and my family sent some Christmas treats and presents with him. Tom took me out to lunch which was a nice break. Yay for Haiti hamburgers (or "yambagas" as they like to say) and french fries! After Tom left  I had the kids color some Christmas coloring pages and we ate the candy canes that Amy sent. They loved the candy canes almost as much as I did!

That's all I got for now!


  1. Yeah!!! Glad you and Tom met up!! Love the photos!! They are adorable. Glad everyone is feeling better too.

  2. Becca, I got an email today from a mom in A Facebook group that I belong to for homeschool moms in northern California. (Yes, I know I'm in socal and my kid is just a baby, but they let me join.) Anyway, she shared my post about your twins with another homeschool mom friend of hers. The friend and her husband are interested in adopting your boys. What is the next step?